Graphics &
Media Services Portfolios


Web design

Note: These are business web pages I have designed,
though some may have been updated. Check with me for details.

Writing, editing and content development

Here are some samples of technical documentation pages I worked on,
including original writing, image editing, formatting and illustration.

Graphic design & illustration

I can design a logo for your business or organization, and create attractive brand identifications and drawings using programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and others.

Presentations & online marketing   

Multimedia, Presentations, Search Engine Marketing(SEO and SEM), Email marketing, Newsletters, CD-ROM production, banners and promotions. Click links to view Powerpoint presentations and examples of marketing projects etc.

Digital imaging, production & photography

High quality images for print and internet advertising.
Photo color correction, retouching, resizing and printing.
Imaging using programs like Adobe Photoshop and others.


Joomla, Wordpress, instructional technology,
SEO, E-commerce, social networks & more

I can design a website for your business or organization, using Web 2.0 applications like Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle, or social networking sites like Facebook and video sites like YouTube and many, many more.

Animations & Flash movies

Photographs can be enhanced and interesting
animations created using programs like Adobe Flash and others.

Click on the link above for examples.

Mechanical engineering technology and
computer-aided design drawings(CAD)

Engineering Drawings produced in updatable PNG Formats
Click on the link above for examples.

Audio & video production for the web

Click on the image to go to a brief video clip with music composed and recorded in our studio. Or click here to visit Old Crow Recording Studio or click here to hear more music and see more videos.