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Jon Asbell
M.S. Instructional Technology


l Technical support

l Business communications

l Web design/content management

l Sales support/desktop support/property management

l Engineering technology/general business

l Graphic design/photography/video/audio/PC and Mac

l ecommerce/seo marketing/clerical

Recently passed A+ exams in troubleshooting
and security
of desktop and laptop computers

Background info:
ince 1988, Jon Asbell has worked in the design field with digital technology. After graduating from University of Bridgeport in 1985, Jon went to work as an energy conservation auditor for ConnSave, where he drafted the floor plans for each house around Connecticut he surveyed, and then calculated the energy usage and the savings that could be acheived with conservation measures such as adding insulation and upgrading to efficient lighting, heating & cooling systems and utilizing clean energy whenever possible.

With personal computers, he learned desktop publishing and
did production work at copy shops and color pre-press houses
in the New Haven area. After that, Jon used digital imaging to produce flyers, high-quality art prints, magazines and more for graphic design clients. He also painted homes, advising customers with color skills he had learned in interior design courses at UB.

Since the last century, the internet has changed marketing communications, with educational innovations with social networks portable devices and so much more.

Jon continued to write and develop web content for various energy conservation websites. He worked as a network engineer for TD Bank, and is now teaching high school technology classes at Hyde Magnet School in New Haven. He continues doing home improvement for clients around the New Haven area. Now after many years in these fields, and several years of teaching desktop publishing at the college level, Jon Asbell has a built a small design and technical services consulting business. With The Page Studio Jon works from his home office in Hamden. This website is a portfolio with samples of some of those designs and services. Jon also performs and teaches acoustic music locally in the New Haven community. His band, Homemade Jam is simply put, the hottest eclectic, acoustic Americana music to be heard anywhere today! Be sure to watch the videos on the website, which is updated regularly and always improving.

The next project is the new start-up enterprise,, coming in January 2015. Watch for this new-age business model to be a big hit among young and older music enthusiasts. The concept is to combine old school quality "high fidelity" sound with state-of -the-art audio and video, both online and on disk, to todays music audiences. We will also be in the market to offer goods and services and to develop progressive new "wi-fidelity apps" for recording artists, and troubadours world-wide.

The bottom line is that the Page Studio is prepared to help you get your projects done regardless of how large or small your needs are. We've got you covered in many capacities and our capabilities are nearly endless with the digital technology available to us today. Read the endorsements of clients who have accomplished great things using our services. Customers know they can trust Jon Asbell to deliver what is needed, when they expect top quality service, and so can you on your next project. See you soon!


Here are some of the services you can expect:

Communications, Design, Training........and more

Technical, creative and marketing assistance for individuals, businesses and schools

Graphic and web design, development and programming.
Print production, presentations and digital photography

Customer service, technical support and training

Search engine optimization, copywriting, ad creation

Technical capabilities include:

Development and maintenance of websites, content management and e-commerce systems

Software training, internet research & development, graphics, multimedia and audio production


Other areas of expertise:

Media management/website maintaining/Joomla CMS, PHP & MySQL application development

Business report creation and modification

Technical support services

Audio recording and live entertainment are also areas I pursue as part of my many interests
which still include energy conservation, home improvement and light construction.
Samples of my work, and references in these areas are also available by request.
Please contact me for more info.

I would like to thankfully acknowledge those who's products or services appear on this site for promotion of

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